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About Our History

FEC Advocacia

Future Oriented


Federmann and Camargos Advocacia (FeC Advocacia) sees Labor Law as a valuable instrument to promote the best combination of the interests of employees and employers.

We seek to understand the context of each case in a comprehensive and profound way, in order to develop the most appropriate legal solutions, always considering the economic and financial aspects.

Keeping direct, close and transparent contact with our clients is fundamental, not only for the development of long-term partnerships, but also to guarantee the effectiveness of our work. To this end, we have professionals with extensive experience and a broad understanding of the dynamics of the labor market, with special attention to the best legal technique. One of our premises is to remain up-to-date on legislation and its trends and on the various jurisprudential trends.

We believe that, by combining good legal techniques, experience and market vision, it is possible to achieve more effective, practical and safe solutions.